Antique Goodies at Seville’s April Fair

Last week the famous April Fair took place in Seville, my city.  It was really really hot, but it was worthwhile. I’ll show you some pictures of the Fair and of some of the products that the beautiful Flamenca dressed girls and ladies wore.

Picture from the ABC newpaper of my husband and his associates.

Broche Filigrana Gor

Antique filigree brooch with cameo that my daughter wore with an antique purple Spanish shawl.


Back of the flamenco shawl.


Another picture from the ABC newspaper of a beautiful flamenca lady with an antique ivory brooch bought at Antique Goodies!


Close up of the brooch

AmigasWith my friends!


Wow! It was so so hot!

IMG_2012 IMG_2013 IMG_2015 IMG_2017

Beautiful flamenca lady with brooch, earrings and ring bought at Antique Goodies. A real fan!


With a friend


You can buy these earrings at the shop if you like them. Very elegant, aren’t they?


My baby!!!